Parameters to Judge MBA Colleges, Simplified

By elishkiya January 10, 2018 08:28

Parameters to Judge MBA Colleges, Simplified

An MBA is a renowned professional post-graduate course that effectively bridges the gap left by an undergraduate degree. It is a necessity in today’s time when every industry is moving towards a more structured way of operations. Every industry is looking to increase production while being more efficient. A professional degree like an MBA provides the required edge to students which is in sync with the philosophy of today’s industrial and commercial world.

Going to a B-school is no less than an experience of a lifetime. It extends beyond book-education and training by involving students in real-life situations. With so many MBA colleges around the country, it is a tough task to zero down on one for an MBA course. However, certain things differ the best MBA colleges from others. If you have made up your mind to pursue an MBA course, make sure you are judging the MBA college across the right parameters.

Here are some parameters to judge MBA colleges before taking an admission

Look for Modern Infrastructure

An MBA student spends most of their time on the campus making college their second home. Over the course of two years, an MBA aspirant will spend time studying in their hostel room, attending classes, seminars and more. Having top-notch facilities in an MBA college is essential. In addition to the physical condition of the buildings, it is crucial to consider facilities like Wi-Fi, projectors in lecture halls, ample and exclusive study material, portals for primary research data and more.

Does the MBA college provide ‘Industry Aligned Programmes’?

MBA is among the few professional courses that are taught across numerous specialisations. The various specialisations in MBA accommodate the learnings of different departments of the industry to accommodate their growing needs. When looking for MBA colleges, it is necessary to consider the key specialisation. The most common specialisations are Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Operations and System Management. However, the best MBA colleges like BML Munjal University offer more than the standard specialisations. Industry ready courses like MBA in Accounting and Finance is offered by BMU Munjal University which is in association with top industry names like KPMG. As a one of a kind course, it makes the students ready for industrial demands.

Is the College Part of Any Industrial Collaboration?

Industrial collaboration is an important parameter to check when looking out for an MBA college. Students pursuing MBA courses must get acquainted with industrial and corporate leaders. Any university or college with active industrial collaboration should be considered. These collaborations make way for training, educational seminars and open various placement opportunities.

How Good Is the Faculty?

As the backbone of any college, considering the faculty is highly critical before you take admission in an MBA college. The faculty is the backbone of any business school as they are the ones who teach students everything about their course. Considering an MBA college with outstanding faculty not only puts students ahead of the competition but also paves a way towards a lifelong understanding of concepts. For instance, the best MBA Colleges like BML Munjal University have exception faculty with years of corporate experience along with teaching experience.

Is the Pedagogy any different?

With an exceptional faculty, comes a unique pedagogy designed to impart real-life, hands-on experience. The way students learn is of high importance as it makes much difference at the end of the course. Students should consider an MBA college where the emphasis is on the practical side of learning while balancing the theoretical concepts. Also, learning by doing is a concept that one must take into account, especially for a professional course like an MBA. Choosing a university which focusses on such a pedagogy not only helps lay stronger foundations but also paves a career path where student actively looks for solutions at their job. Furthermore, universities providing adequate study material allows students to work with the latest research which makes a substantial difference in the result when they graduate.

A college can affect the career of a student in many ways. The educational environment is changing, and it is about time that students go out of their way to choose colleges that actually bridge the gap between education and industry requirements. The transformation in education is apparent, and ample opportunities are waiting for students. When selecting a business school for an MBA course, it is essential to consider the parameters mentioned above for an informed choice.

By elishkiya January 10, 2018 08:28