Winter is Here – Try These Delicious Dishes to Treat Your Taste Buds

By elishkiya November 17, 2017 17:51

Winter is Here – Try These Delicious Dishes to Treat Your Taste Buds

Winter is knocking on your door folks so why don’t you celebrate its arrival with a feast. With the cold winds ready to send some chills in your body, no one can deny the comfort of burning hearth and a hot platter of finger-licking food.

In India, there is a huge number of things that you can prepare in winters, so you can get confused with what to prepare first. Worry not as we will help you in this yummy task. From crispy fried momos to lip-smacking Sarson ka saag, we have brought you an exclusive list of various dishes that can make you want some more. So this winter, try these delicious dishes to treat your taste buds!

• Sarson Ka Saag

You must have heard about this special winterrecipe from Punjab. Known as the pride of Punjab, this delectable vegetarian dish is prepared with ingredients such asmustard leaves(Sarson), spinach, bathua, onions, green chilliesetc. These are then cooked till wilted. After that, thesaagis served hot with Makki di Roti. To get the best experience, put a generous amount of ghee on the hot dish and believe us you will not stop praising it.

• Parathas

A very common dish that even a beginner can prepare, parathas hold a special place in the winter cuisine. Easy to make, parathas come in many varieties. Be it aloo ka paratha, plain paratha, muli ka paratha or gobhi ka paratha; you can experiment as per your choice. Just knead the dough with an Atta maker for a soft and healthy dough and put the filling in it and make the parathas with a rolling pin. You can place it on hot tava and spread oil on it to cook till golden brown spots appear on the surface. Serve it with curd or pickle and have a hearty meal.

• Ghugri

Not many know about it, but this simple and tasty dish has many lovers in Uttar Pradesh. Ghugri is a quick and tasty snack which is prepared with green peas and potato. First make a paste of coriander leaves, green chillis, ginger and garlic. Then in a heated pan, cook the paste with mustard oil and heeng. After 1 minute, add green peas and follow it with boiled potatoes. Once cooked properly, eat it together with a hot cup of tea.

• Crispy Spinach Pakoras

Another snack to rock your evening tea, Crispy Spinach Pakoras are prepared by coating spinach leaves with spicy chickpea flour. Serve the pakoras with hot tea and green chutney. This will make the chilly winter evenings a delightful time to spend with your loved ones.

• Fried Momos

An all-time favourite dish of today’s time, fried momos have become one of the most popular street snacks. As they takea lot of time to prepare, many people prefer eating it from small shops or high-end restaurants as per their budget. If you do not know how to cook it, we advise you to grab a hot plate of momos served with spicy red chutney from your nearest market. You can try steamed momos and tandoori momos too!

• Carrot Ginger Soup

A list of dishes to try in winter is always incomplete if we do not include a yummy soup in it. So here it is, a warming soup that adds healthy nutrients to your lunch and dinner. To prepare this, first fry onion, garlic and ginger in a large pan with oil. Add carrots, beans and let it cook for atleast half an hour.Now you can make a puree of the mixture with a blender and put it back to heating. After seasoning it with salt, pepper and cinnamon, cherish this lovely dish with cream.

Can’t wait to try these all? Well, then don’t and make them today. And if you are new to cooking then you can make your task easy with various kitchen appliance like Atta maker by brands like KENT and get your things done easily. Enjoy your winter and give a tasty treat to your taste buds!

By elishkiya November 17, 2017 17:51