Your 2017 Fitness Wish List

By elishkiya January 4, 2016 17:31 Updated

Your 2017 Fitness Wish List


Everyone makes New Year resolutions, and if yours is something to do with renewing your forlorn fitness goals, then you are on the right track of leading a stress-free life. The best approach would be to consult a physician and get a complete health check-up done. Based on the test results, reach out to a fitness trainer to devise a fitness program. Most often than not fitness is a very misinterpreted term. Fitness is not only about a chiseled body, in fact there is much more than that.

Being fit refers to overall wellness, and this encompasses food, proper hydration, sound sleep and of course a regular exercise regime. Without getting stressed out about what all to do, you can safely go by the golden fitness rulebook that says the following –

  •    The first thumb rule says to remain hydrated. Hydration is the key to maintaining a healthy weight, proper body temperature, and a healthy heart rate
  •    Eat small and high energy meals before and after a workout.  The idea is to have your metabolism pumped up at all times
  •    Do your cardio exercise as a mandate at least thrice a week to melt away fat
  •    Do your weight training to boost up the muscles at least 2-3 times in a week
  •    Have a healthy diet with a focus on fiber and protein

So, now you know all that you need to do on a daily basis and is all charged up with the rock-solid determination to achieve all your fitness goals in 2017. To assist you further on this mission, consider buying the following gears or equipment’s that will help you stay on the track-

  1.    Fitness Tracker

Just as a stopwatch is required to measure the time taken to complete any sports event, similarly a fitness tracker is needed to track the extent of fitness goals covered. A fitness tracker is designed to map parameters on a daily basis such as many calories burnt, the quantity of water intake, steps taken in the whole day, and sleep covered broadly. Therefore, investing in something like a fitness tracker is a complete value for money and in due course of time would prove to be your close companion helping and motivating you to exert more.

  1.    Water Purifier

A water purifier is the best investment towards health in the long term.  With growing impurity and pollution levels in all aspects of modern life, one cannot just have a laid back attitude towards food, drinking water, and hygiene. Installing an advanced water purifier in the likes of Kent RO ensures not only good health but a growing awareness to remain hydrated at all times. In this age of digital money, you can easily buy the water purifiers online and get it installed in a couple of hours.

  1.    Wireless Headphones

You need not be a music lover to buy wireless headphones for a fitness regime. Any fitness expert would tell you that music makes it easier for anyone to do a High-Intensity Interval Training.  The beats and the rhythms go a long way in helping you enjoy your workout and exert more in short span of time. Exercising in silence can prove to be boring!

  1.    Running Belt

This is a necessity, not a luxury. If you are running or working out, the last thing that you want to do is carry a pouch or purse containing your phone of money or keep wondering where to keep them. Running belt enables you to have your valuables without you while you work out without any hassles. Just like water purifiers that can be purchased online, you will get an amazing array of running belts to choose from any of the stores online.

  1.    Running shoes

Comfort and fit cannot be compromised when it comes to walking, running and working out. These days, shoes are designed to provide maximum comfort while doing an activity, so hit a nearby store and gift yourself a pair that would be your best friend in your entire journey of fitness.

  1.    Rowing machine

If you are one of those who doesn’t mind going a step further in investing in gym equipment at home, then a rowing machine is just the right thing for you.  A rowing machine offers a wide range of movement that engages all the muscles of your body and is a total workout aid. But keep in mind that you initially need a trainer to help you understand the functionalities. Once you are a pro, there is no looking back!



By elishkiya January 4, 2016 17:31 Updated